(un)Leashed Leadership Program

About our Program

Our Program is a one year long leadership development program for all levels of management. (un)Leashed Leadership training curriculum consists of recorded training(s) and small group “live” discussions with Dr. Garland Vance and your training cohorts on a monthly basis. Invest in yourself, invest in your up and coming leaders, invest in leaders that are facing challenges. Through (un)Leashed Leadership each participant will experience growth and development leading to better business operations.

What is covered?

We will discuss the 7 traits of a true leader and how to enhance them. Each month, we will tackle one of the seven traits of a true leader. We will discuss the issues that we are currently facing and how we can implement the changes needed to break through to the next level and (un)Leash© your Leadership!

Who is Dr. Garland Vance?

Dr. Garland Vance is the author of “Gettin’ (un)Busy: 5 Steps to Kill Busyness and Live with Purpose, Productivity and Peace.” He is a Senior Consultant with Swoz Leadership. And he is the co-founder of AdVance Leadership.

When does the program start?

Classes will start in November. After you have registered, Dr. Garland Vance will be in contact with start dates and more information.

How much is the program?

If paid upfront, the year long program is $3,420. We also provide a monthly payment option that costs $300/month and is due on the 1st of every month, starting November 1, 2020.*

*Important note: Payment is due even if you are unable to attend the lesson(s) or meeting(s).

Can I register online?

You can register online, and pay online, only if you are paying in FULL. Please visit the link below for registration and payment ONLY if you are paying in full.

What if I want to pay in monthly installments, how can I register?

If you would like to set up monthly installments, please download the form below, fill it out and email to Sarah Conrad at sarah@pcoc.org. Sarah can get you registered and the payment plan set up for you.