Code of Ethics

As members of the Pest Control Operators of California, Inc.,
it shall be the duty of each member firm:

  • To support the association to the best of their ability in all of its programs and endeavors;
  • To abide by the Association’s Bylaws;
  • To deal honestly and fairly with the general public in advertising and all business transactions, thereby enhancing our industry’s stature;
  • To render pest control service in a safe and efficient manner with due consideration for its possible effects on the environment;
  • To respect the reputation and practice of other pest control operators, but to expose to the Association, without hesitation, the illegal or unethical conduct of other firms;
  • To constantly strive for proficiency in our services and business practices;
  • To cooperate with our fellow industry members in the exchange of knowledge for the benefit of our industry and the public it serves.