What PCOC does for the industry

Pest Control Operators of California is a non-profit trade association that has served the business and educational needs of pest control operators for 80 years.

PCOC keeps members up-to-date on new materials, procedures, laws and precautions — and also works closely with the state’s Structural Pest Control Board and Department of Pesticide Regulation to help shape regulations that protect the credibility of our industry and the safety of our customers. And we’re the industry’s voice at the State Capitol.

  • We successfully fought efforts to require costly pesticide notification before every application
  • Three times we stopped legislation to prohibit the same company from doing the work recommended after performing a WDO
  • We blocked efforts to require inspection of all work performed
  • During the pandemic, PCOC worked to ensure that the Pest Industry was deemed an ESSENTIAL SERVICE so that YOU could remain working and keep the public safe and healthy.

Protection Against Bad Laws
PCOC has clout at the State Capitol where our lobbyists work to protect our industry against unfair laws and over-regulation.

Group Insurance Rates
PCOC offers life, medical and dental insurance, as well as property and casualty protection — all carefully tailored to your special needs as a small business owner and pest control operator.

  • workers’ compensation
  • comprehensive general liability
  • fire protection — buildings and equipment
  • bonding
  • pollution coverage
  • errors and omissions
  • employers liability

Ongoing Education
PCOC conducts ongoing educational programs accredited by the state’s Structural Pest Control Board.

  • Classes available on our “Members Only” website, so you can take classes from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Annual conventions where speakers and exhibitors discuss and demonstrate state-of-the-art technology in the industry.
  • Specialized continuing education seminars such as the “Africanized Honey Bee Certification” which are available only from PCOC.
  • Educational materials including audio-visual presentations and literature are also available to PCOC members for use in their own offices.
  • District meetings offering continuing educational opportunities nearly every month.

Timely Publications and Printing Discounts
As a PCOC member you will receive our monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine, which contain the most up-to-date information on what’s happening in California’s pest control industry.

Better Customer Relations
PCOC’s members receive important tips on how to improve customer relations — which is good for business and our industry.

PCOC Websites
PCOC’s public website contains resources for consumers and a listing of member companies. Our password-protected members only website offers: On-line Reference Resources; On-line Continuing education; and On-line Archive of PCOC Publications.