Public Outreach

The Pest Control Operators of California since their inception have devoted time, energy, money and manpower toward outreach programs in communities throughout California.

Local Districts of PCOC volunteer their time and services:

Whenever there is a local community need the local districts (chapters) of Pest Control Operators of California step forward to provide the needed services. Whether it is to preserve an historical landmark, or a charitable organization or a small day care, which simply cannot afford to pay to treat the termites, PCOC is there to assist.

During the spring of 2000, the local Districts of Pest Control Operators of California donated several fumigations totaling well over a million cubic feet. Highlights of these donated services include fumigating one of the larger Ronald McDonald Houses by the Orange County District of PCOC, fumigating the San Diego YMCA by the San Diego District, and fumigating a church in Riverside by the San Bernardino Riverside District.

See Pictures of the Ronald McDonald House Fumigation

Statewide Charity Fundraisers:

From the years of 1985 – 1997, PCOC proudly supported the California Special Olympics as our official charity. During that period PCOC members raised in excess of $250,000 for the California Special Olympics. California Special Olympics founder Rafer Johnson’s presentation was the highlight of our annual awards banquet for these years.

In 1997 PCOC adopted Ronald McDonald Houses as its statewide charity. Members have donated a wide variety of services to various Houses, including a recent fumigation for one of the larger Ronald McDonald Houses in Southern California. Financially members have raised more than $40,000 for the various Ronald McDonald Houses throughout California.

Arbitration Guidelines

Purpose To provide a vehicle for licensees from different companies to settle a difference of opinion of “FINDINGS” and avoid a possible Structual Pest Control Board complaint or litigation. All PCOC members agreed to accept the PCOC arbitration process when they became members.

Arbitration Guidelines